The F**** Is Chris Breen?!

This is the post excerpt.

Apparently we got a big guy playing down in the Providence  ladies and gents! And I saw some shithead on the internet kissing his ass on an Instagram post saying he’d change the organization and bring the D back. So i had to dig him up and see for myself. This dude “Chris Breen” is a 6’7″ brick shithouse we got as a free agent after Calgary dropped em’ from their organization. After only producing 7 or so points in 70 games on their AHL squad he saw ONE NHL GAME in a loss to the Phoenix Coyotes HA. Cmon Man. With Big Z’s soon departure theres gonna be a lot of competition to crack the lineup, and with youngens like Carlo And Mccavoy coming into the picture an unsuccesful AHL veteran might not be the right look guy.  We need youth, brute, and points from our D this season. Yea, he’s big but old and couldn’t score if he roofied the goalie. So unless he can go back in time and unfuck himself from the Calgary Flames farm system what? 8 years ago? I gotta say that Charlie Mccavoy is gonna be sitting comfy in Boston.

and to the guy whose kissing his ass. Sit on a log,

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